Welcome to the Alabama Academy of Neurology!

The Alabama Academy of Neurology is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Medical Association of the State of Alabama for management services.  Beginning in 2010, the Medical Association began a specialty society management division that has continued to successfully grow, strengthening partnerships in organized medicine in our state.  The new management relationship between the Alabama Academy of Neurology and the Medical Association will bring quality CME programs, membership recruitment, communications, board management and legislative support to Academy members.

The partnership with the Medical Association also includes the development of a new website for the Academy that will be available by early summer.

In previous years, the Alabama Academy of Neurology held two meetings each year at USA and UAB.  Plans are already in progress to hold an annual meeting in August of 2017 in Montgomery.  It is our hope that holding the meeting in a central location, as well as keeping it at a low cost, will help bolster attendance and allow for the members across the state to better network with one another.

Jennifer Hayes at the Medical Association will be the contact person for the Academy. Jennifer can be reached at (334) 954-2500 or jhayes@alamedical.org. In order for the first meeting to be successful, we strongly encourage you to reach out to anyone who would be interested in being an exhibitor and have them contact Jennifer. Site selections are already underway and Jennifer will communicate with the exhibitors as soon as information is available.

Since we are reorganizing mid-year, dues statements have been mailed out for June – December.  We will bill for 2017 in January.  We hope that you will join your colleagues across the state and support the Alabama Academy of Neurology.  We are encouraged that this new partnership will bring more members and allow us to have a stronger voice in matters that affect our profession while allowing us to care for our patients.


Amit Arora, MD
Alabama Academy of Neurologye